Youth Serving Organizations In Counties

  • 001 Mombasa
  • 002 Kwale
  • 003 Kilifi

The NYC is charged with the responsibility of coordinating activities being undertaken by youth groups, youth focused community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society movements and other organizations. The Council also promotes relations between youth organizations and other bodies both nationally and internationally with similar objectives to deliver the dream of empowered Kenyan youth.

The Council mobilizes youth to take part in social, economic and political spheres of national development and ensures that they benefit fully from government initiatives targeting youth. The Council also promotes patriotism, volunteerism and community service among the youth by engaging them in various Community activities and providing opportunities for youth to shape their future.

Requirement for Registration as a Youth Serving Organization

  • Details of at least 3 top officials. Majority should be youths (Not more than 35 years)
  • 3 Copies of Constitution of the Organization signed by the executive on all pages and all board members on the execution page.
  • Contact details of the proposed organization showing location and postal address.
  • A list of other board members.
  • Information stating the organization’s contact person.
  • 3 Coloured passport size photographs of the proposed  top officials
  • Copies of IDs/Passports for the proposed officials and Board members.
  •  KRA PIN Certificates for the proposed officials and Board members.
  • Minutes authorizing registration with National Youth Council Showing the officials mandated to act on behalf of the youth serving organization and information on signatory of account.
  • Proposed one year budget.
  • A fully filled Registration form
  • A copy of registration certificate if already registered by state agency or approval from local sub county youth officer