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Today, it is no longer enough for you to be a good Youth Worker. you also must be a good advocate for Youth Intervention work.

Our Mandate

The National Youth Council is a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency that is charged with the responsibility of: - coordinating activities being undertaken by youth focused non-state actors; lobbying for legislation on issues; promoting the inclusion of the youth agenda in public policy; promoting youth representation in decision-making bodies and promoting government empowerment initiatives targeting youth. The Council acts as a ‘voice and bridge’ to ensure that government and other policy makers are kept informed of the views and aspirations of the youth.



The NYC is the official voice of the Youth and ensures that:  youth are heard on issues important to them; their rights are safeguarded; they are protected from harmful practices and exploitation; public policies reflect the aspirations of the youth and that they are included in decision making processes.

Youth participation


The NYC mobilizes youth to take part in social, economic and political spheres of national development and ensures that they benefit fully from government initiatives targeting youth. The Council also promotes patriotism, volunteerism and community service among the youth by engaging them in various Community activities and providing opportunities for youth to shape their future. 

Coordination & linkages

The NYC is charged with the responsibility of coordinating activities being undertaken by youth groups, youth focused community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society movements and other organizations. The Council also promotes relations between youth organizations and other bodies both nationally and internationally with similar objectives to deliver the dream of empowered Kenyan youth

Our Partners